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Barex Biochemical Products

The art of semen preservation

Towards maximum viability and fertility

Barex Biochemical Products was engaged in the development of animal semen preservation media, also called extenders.

Since 2003, Barex has developed several ingredients and  extenders for several animal species. These products have been sold to major companies such as Minitub (Tiefenbach, Germany) and  IMV Technologies ( L'Aigle, France).

Since 2015 Barex was focused on the development of equine semen extenders for chilled semen. Barex launched the equine extender Hippex successfully on the market. Thereafter, the Hippex Centrifugation Medium, Hippex Plus and Hippex Prime were launched.

For freezing equine semen, Hippex Vitrex, Hippex Cryo and Hippex Freeze were developed.

The series of Hippex extenders are now being produced and sold by HuVeSearch (Pelt, Belgium). More information can be seen on

Now, Barex Biochemical Products acts as consultant.



Dr. BM van den Berg

De Hoek 75 

1601 MR  Enkhuizen

The Netherlands


Tel: + 31 (0) 640335383


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