Barex Biochemical Products

The art of semen preservation

Towards maximum viability and fertility

Barex Biochemical Products is engaged in the development of animal semen preservation media, also called extenders.

Since 2003, Barex has developed several ingredients and  extenders for several animal species. These products have been sold to major companies such as IMV Technologies and are still used today.

Since 2015 Barex has focused on equine semen extenders and launched the equine Hippex extenders successfully on the market. These extenders are now being produced and sold by HuVeSearch.


Current focus of research.

Cryopreservation of stallion semen.

Cryopreservation of sperm cells has been widely used in reproductive technologies and has resulted in millions of live births. Two principal approaches have been used: conventional (slow) freezing and vitrification of sperm cells. 

​Slow freezing is the traditional technique and is widely being used with success, whereas vitrification is still being developed. But vitrification of sperm cells may become a faster alternative method of cryopreservation since vitrification can be done with simple equipment and little training of personnel, as opposed to slow freezing which requires a large investment in equipment and extensive training of personnel.

​Barex’s research is focused on vitrification as well as slow freezing of stallion semen.

The focus on vitrification is based on the simplicity of the technique (see first report), whereas the focus of the slow freezing is based on development of freezing extenders based on powder with or without egg yolk (see first report).



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