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In October 2020, Barex Biochemical Products and HuVeSearch started a partnership.

In October 2020, Barex Biochemical Product and HuVeSearch ( started a partnership to capitalize on the preservation media that were developed by Barex Biochemical Products.

HuVeSearch brings wide marketing and sales expertise and a broad network in the artificial insemination business.

Barex Biochemical Products developed extenders for several animal species and has focused the past years on equine semen extenders and brought the equine Hippex extenders successfully to the market (

Combining the research capabilities of Barex Biochemical Products and the marketing and sales expertise of HuVeSearch will benefit both parties.

Barex Biochemical Products can now focus more on research, while HuVeSearch is responsible for the production and sales of the preservation media.

The equine preservation media are the cornerstone of the partnership, but the cooperation will also include semen preservation media for other species.


Research Project

Semen Vitrification

The purpose of the Vitrification Project is to develop a method for ultra-rapid freezing of equine semen diluted in Vitrex (our proprietary equine semen vitrification medium).

The quality of Vitrex for equine semen vitrification has been shown by a study of the research group of Prof. Manuel Hidalgo of the University of Cordoba, Spain. 

Using Vitrex, total motility of over 60% and viability of over 70% after warming of vitrified equine semen were reported.

Our goal is to improve and simplify the vitrification procedure to become more efficient and usable on a large-scale day-to-day basis.

The advantages of vitrification over the current conventional slow-freezing are several: vitrification is easier, quicker, less damaging to biological material, and much less expensive.

Moreover, Vitrex can be supplied as a powder and can be shipped at ambient temperature, as opposed to the media used for slow freezing. Finally, Vitrex is far less expensive than current freezing media.



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