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In 2015, I developed the rabbit semen preservation medium Lepex, which has been on the market ever since. Recently, I have gained new knowledge about the biochemical mechanisms related to rabbit reproduction, which led me to design the new extender Lepex-Novum (Novum from New Ovulation Medium). The rabbit semen extender Lepex-Novum is a groundbreaking solution that preserves sperm cells and induces ovulation. The ingredients present in Lepex-Novum are specifically designed to assist the protein beta nerve growth factor (NGF)  naturally present in buck semen to induce ovulation. By supporting different molecular mechanisms involved in the natural ovulation process, Lepex-Novum enables natural mating-induced ovulation. In the following paragraphs, I will delve into the crucial elements of the development of Lepex-Novum and provide intricate details about the molecular processes of reproduction in rabbits. The powders to prepare the Lepex-Novum medium are stored separately.

1. Rabbits.


European rabbits are small mammals belonging to the family Leporidae. They were hunted and eaten by hominids during the Stone Age in large numbers in the northwestern Mediterranean areas, from Spain to Italy. The Phoenicians, who traded all over the Mediterranean area from Cyprus to the Iberian Peninsula, probably started the spread of the rabbit. The Romans discovered the rabbit as a food source, and the trade in the Roman Empire further spread the rabbits from the Iberian Peninsula to other parts of the world. Domestication took till the 18th century. Today, rabbits are bred bigger and fatter to get more meat. They are introduced worldwide in many cultures and are a part of daily life as food, clothing, a companion, and a source of artistic inspiration. Rabbits are used as a research model in fundamental science, and in applied science, rabbits are used among others for the production of antibodies that can be used in humans or to study human disease.

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